VB-135 3rd Aleutian tour, August 1945


Aircrafts BuNo and movement


Format: BuNo, Squadron Code (R=replacement), Date moved out of the Squadron, Destination, Remarks


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30 July

The first three PV-2 planes returned from the modification center to Whidbey NAS

4 August

The first three PV-2 aircraft of VPB-135 departed Whidbey Island NAS for Attu

7 August

Administrative command of VPB-135 shifted from FAW6 to FAW4.

12 August

The last PV-2 of VPB-135 left Whidbey Island NAS for Attu. Indoctrination of the crews started on August 14.

18 August

First operational flights of VPB-135 and VPB-122

23V Holloway

25V Rumford

29V Mason

20 August

24V Walsh

31V Wesley

21 August

23V Gardner

24V Marchi

22 August

The last plane arrived to Attu from Whidbey Island NAS

22V Pirtle

28V Reilley

23 August

23V Patteson flew 550 miles on outbound leg due to navigational error

24V Garrison

24 August

25V Stepter

28V McLeod turned to base early due to bad compass and malfunction in the cross feed in the fuel system


Planes of VPB-135

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VPB-135 1945
VPB-135 1945

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